last minute volunteering at Oxjam Oxford Takeover tomorrow, should be fun!

Sivu was brilliant last night at Oslo Hackney for his album release show - seriously can’t big this guy up enough, go see him live and listen to his debut album ‘Something On High’ out on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and in good old record shops now! Particularly love Sleep’, ‘Can’t Stop Now’ and the hidden track ‘Family Tree’!

Had a day off of gigs yesterday following two at the weekend… Now on a bus to London to go and see Sivu, super excited

Last night was crazily good (surprised how on earth I managed to get to the front considering how busy it was.) Nick Mulvey is incredibly captivating live and you should go and see him on this tour if you get the chance. Sivu supported and was fantastic and is such a lovely guy - his debut album is out TODAY, give him a listen!

Dry The River were fantastic last night at O2 Academy Oxford!

I’ve been neglecting Tumblr so much lately, a quick update for anyone who cares..

I’m living in Oxford studying English Literature/Communication, Media & Culture at Oxford Brookes university (uni is stressful on all kinds of levels) 

Last night I saw one of my favourite bands, Dry The River, playing a headline show on their tour, promoting their new album ‘Alarm’s In The Heart’ (which is fantastic!!!!) They also played an acoustic set beforehand at  a record store down the road which was brilliant too and pretty jam packed - happy for them to be getting recognition, they all seemed so humbled by the crowd’s response to them yesterday!

Tonight I’m seeing Nick Mulvey (and perhaps more excitingly Sivu as support act), I hear really fantastic things about both of these guys so I’m looking forward to it!

Next step is to somehow find a job that’ll only require working a few hours a week (I just need a little extra money to fund my biscuit eating habit) and once I’ve settled into a proper routine I will get back to posting on my music blog.

Managed to nab a couple of £15 tickets today (third row, not bad) for Richard III with Martin Freeman a week today - really hoped I would get to see it again as it’s a fantastic production! And just realised it’s Martin’s birthday on the day I’m going - even cooler!


Dry The River perform Gethsemane acoustically for Reading & Leeds festival. 

The band’s second studio album, Alarms In The Heart, was released this week, and they tour the UK in October! 

absolutely LOVE Dry The River’s new record - can’t wait to see them in Oxford in October!

*whispers* I got front row tickets for Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch yesterday. 393 days away but YAY

So I just woke up and I have work 10-2 and it’ll be really busy but I don’t care cos I’m seeing Martin Freeman in Richard III tomorrow !!!


John Barrowman talks about meeting Benedict Cumberbatch at San Diego Comic Con 2014

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I’ve got my last ever day at secondary school tomorrow (last exam - 70 mark geography exam that is just one report and really not long enough at 90 minutes) and I’m really not emotionally prepared for this.. 

I love my school so much - it is such a beautiful building and the staff and a portion of the students make going there every day a complete blast, really gonna miss it

miss this guy

miss this guy